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13-0501. Creation and Extension of Through and One-way Streets.

13-0502. Authority to Sign One-way Streets and Alleys.

13-0503. One-way Streets and Alleys.

13-0504. Authority to Establish Play Streets.

13-0505. Play Streets - Driving Restricted.

13-0506. Dumping of Snow on City Street Prohibited.


13-0501. CREATION AND EXTENSION OF THROUGH AND ONE-WAY STREETS. The City Council may create, extend or discontinue through streets and may create one-way streets.

13-0502. AUTHORITY TO SIGN ONE-WAY STREETS AND ALLEYS.Whenever any ordinance of the City designates any one-way street or alley, the City shall place and maintain signs giving notice thereof, and no such regulations shall be effective unless such signs are in place. Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited.

13-0503. ONE-WAY STREETS AND ALLEYS. Upon one-way streets and alleys, vehicular traffic shall move only in the indicated direction when signs indicating the direction of traffic are erected and maintained.

13-0504. AUTHORITY TO ESTABLISH PLAY STREETS. The City Council may declare any street or part thereof a play street and to place appropriate signs or devices in the roadway indicating and helping to protect the same.

13-0505. PLAY STREETS - DRIVING RESTRICTED. Whenever authorized signs are erected indicating any street or part thereof as a play street, no person shall drive a vehicle upon any such street or portion thereof except drivers of vehicles having business or whose residences are within such closed area, and then any said driver shall exercise the greatest care in driving upon any such street or portion thereof.

13-0506. DUMPING OF SNOW ON CITY STREET PROHIBITED. It shall be unlawful for any person, association, partnership, corporation, or other entity to deposit, place or dump, or permit or authorize the depositing, placing or dumping of any snow removed from parking lots, from filling station areas, or from other private property upon any City street.