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Utility Bill Policy

The Harwood Utility Bill policy is as follows:

  • Delinquent bills can only be 30 days past notice.  After two consecutive non-payment of bills, residents will have water shut off to their residence.
  • If a residence is delinquent on their utility bill, the residence will receive three (3) notices advising of the delinquency. They are:
    1. The standard postcard bill that every residence receives each month
    2. A mailed letter discussing the delinquent utility bill
    3. A door tag placed at the residence of the delinquency
  • If a delinquent bill is not paid by the due date, water will be shut off to the residence on the date indicated on the second and third notices.  Water will not be turned on until the following conditions are met:
    1. Pay the entire bill, including past due and current amount due totals
    2. Pay an additional $50.00 charge for Public Work services
      • $25.00 to shut water off
      • $25.00 to turn water on

Tips to help stay current with the Utility Bill Policy

  • Online Bill Pay and AutoPay
    • Online Bill Pay and AutoPay are available through our third-party provider, Payment Service Network. You can access the website by going to and click on “Register to Pay”. Creating an account is easy, all you need are the following pieces of information:
    • Business ID: RT20361
    • Your account number with the City of Harwood (this can be found on your postcard bill, or you can call Casey at City Hall for this info
    • Last Name
    • Fees Associated with this route of payment:
      • A convenience fee of $1.10 will be applied to checking and savings payments.
      • A convenience fee of 3% will be applied to credit card payments. An additional fee of 50¢ is applied for payments below $100.
  • Set Up Payments through your Bank
    • Many times, banks have a service that allows you to set up AutoPay through them. Call your local bank for details.
  • DropBox Depository
    • Our office is located in the old Harwood State Bank building.  We have an overnight depository box that is available for dropping off payments