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Waste Management

Garbage is picked up each Tuesday*.  Containers should be out at the end of your driveway the night before or no later than 7:00 a.m. to guarantee collection that day.   Please do not place the containers on the street.  All garbage must be placed in totes provided by Waste Management and cannot weigh over 50 pounds.  The cost of your service includes one tote (choice of 64 or 96 gallon).  Senior citizens (65 and over) receive a discounted rate.  No waste will be picked up from barrels or other containers that are too large or that cannot be lifted into the trucks. If you know you will consistently generate more waste than 96 gallons hold, you can request additional totes for a charge at approx. 75% of the regular monthly rate.  An additional $3 may be charged for each additional bag of waste beyond the 96 gallon limit.  Contact the City office for information on renting roll-offs for use as construction containers.

Holiday Schedule

*The following holidays are observed by Waste Management and may affect your scheduled pickup:   *New Years Day   *Independence Day    *Thanksgiving Day    *Christmas Day   *Labor Day    *Memorial Day.  When one of these holidays falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Waste Management will run one day behind on all routes.


How & What to Recycle …  

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this service provided at no extra charge.  Recycling is picked up every other Tuesday of the month.   Totes are available in two sizes (64 or 96).  Contact the City office if the tote you have is inadequate for your recycling needs.   

A collection site for recycling aluminum cans is located on the south side of the North Acres Park at the intersection of Main Street and Bender Lane.  Please bag your cans to help with disposal and clean-up.  All proceeds go through the Park Board for Harwood youth activities.

There is no charge for recycling or for the totes.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SORT ITEMS WITHIN RECYCLE CONTAINERS.


Grass, Yard/Garden Waste,Tree Branches 

Yard Waste 

All yard waste (grass, leaves, garden trimmings, excess fruits and vegetables) must be hauled to the grass recycling site east of the Fire Hall.  Please remove waste from bags and place the bags in the totes provided.  If the dumpster is full, please do not leave bags on the ground; the roll-off will be emptied on a regular basis.  Tree branches will be picked up from your boulevard Wednesdays of each week, April-October.


Tree Branches 

Tree branches are picked up April - October.  Please place branches at the end of your driveway by Wednesday mornings and they will be picked up before the end of each week, as time allows.  Branches in an area difficult for tractor access such as the bottom of ditches will not be picked up.  It is not necessary to tie & bundle piles.  


Disposal Guide for Other Items/Hazardous Waste

Aerosol Cans: If empty, throw in the garbage.  If unused contents are toxic or hazardous, including paint, take to the HHW* facility. Otherwise throw in garbage.  DO NOT PLACE AEROSOL CANS in recycle containers.

Antifreeze: Take used antifreeze to the HHW facility.  DO NOT pour you’re your drains.  For large amounts call Oye Construction (232-2782).

Appliances: Major appliances are banned from all ND landfills.  Ask appliance dealer to take old appliance as a trade-in when purchasing a new one or take to Hazer’s Auto & Salvage (282-0441).  Hazer’s charges a disposal fee for appliances.  The Fargo landfill charges $20 plus weight (these are taken to Hazer’s).  The landfill does not accept any appliances with Freon.

Batteries: Car batteries (lead-acid) are banned from all ND landfills.   They must be accepted as trade-ins for new batteries at all retail stores. 

Fluorescent Bulbs: HHW facility

Household Hazardous Waste: Includes paints, thinners, stains, varnish, aerosol cans with contents, drain & oven cleaners, poisons, older fluorescent light ballasts, weed & insecticides, etc.  Please store material away from children & pets until it can be disposed of properly.  Items can be disposed at HHW Facility: 281-8915

Motor Oil: Motor oil containers and HEET bottles are not recyclable; throw in garbage.  For large amounts contact Oye Construction: 232-2782

Propane Tanks: Empty propane tanks can be thrown in the garbage, if the valve is removed.  If the valve can’t be removed, or the tank has some gas in it, contact Ferrellgas: 233-2478 or Suburban Propane: 800-582-8835.  These companies accept large cylinders and do not accept small, disposable cylinders from grills or torches.  These should be emptied and thrown in the garbage

Tires: Tires are banned from the landfill.  They can be taken to the landfill for a fee and will be delivered to a recycler.  Most dealers recycle old tires with the purchase of new ones.

 * Hazardous Household Waste Facility (HHW) is located at 606 43 ½ St. N., in Fargo and is open April – October (Mon., Wed., Fri.).  Call 281-8915 for more information.

2024 WM Recyling Calendar

2024 WM Calendar

Notice from Waste Management

Waste Management uses automated collection vehicles that requires cans face the street for pickup.  Cans easily crack and break when emptied if not faced forward.  To avoid garage blowing on windy days, tie your bags before placing in cans.  If you have a broken can let the city office know and it will be repaired or replaced.