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13-1001. Following Fire Apparatus Prohibited, Parking Within Block Where Fire Apparatus Used Prohibited: Driving Over Fire Hose or Through Street Barricade Prohibited.

13-1002. Driving Through Parade, Funeral or Procession.

13-1003. Drivers in a Procession.

13-1004. Vehicle Shall Not Be Driver on a Sidewalk.

13-1005. Limitations on Backing.

13-1006. Opening and Closing Vehicle Doors.

13-1007. Motorcycles - Helmet.

13-1008. Starting Parked Vehicles.

13-1009. Boarding or Alighting From Vehicles.

13-1010. Unlawful Riding.

13-1011. Cruising About Streets Forbidden.

13-1012. Towing Sleds and Carts.

13-1013. Obstruction to Driver's View or Driving Mechanism.

13-1014. Coasting Prohibited.

13-1015. Child Restraint Devices - Penalty - Evidence.

13-1016. Overtaking and Passing of School Bus.

13-1017. Use of Safety Belts Required in Certain Motor Vehicles.



1. To follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than five hundred feet;

2. To drive into or park such vehicle within the block where fire apparatus has stopped in answer to a fire alarm;

3. To drive over any fire hose without the consent of the fire department official in command;

4. To drive through or around any street barricade.

13-1002. DRIVING THROUGH PARADE, FUNERAL OR PROCESSION. No vehicle except an authorized emergency vehicle as defined in Section 13-0101(1)(a) may drive through any parade, funeral or procession except with the permission or upon the signal of a police officer.

13-1003. DRIVERS IN A PROCESSION. Each driver in a funeral or other procession shall drive as near to the right-hand edge of the roadway as practicable and shall follow the vehicle ahead as close as is practicable and safe. The headlights of all vehicles shall be turned on so that identification of vehicles in such procession is easily established.

13-1004. VEHICLE SHALL NOT BE DRIVEN ON A SIDEWALK. The driver of a vehicle shall not drive on or within any sidewalk area except at a permanent or temporary driveway.


1. The driver of a vehicle shall not back the same unless such movement can be made with safety and without interfering with other traffic.

2. The driver of a vehicle shall not back the same upon any shoulder or roadway of any controlled-access highway.

13-1006. OPENING AND CLOSING VEHICLE DOORS. No person shall open a door of a motor vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so and can be done without interfering with the movement of other traffic, nor shall any person leave a door open on the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.


1. No person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless protective headgear, which complies with standards established by the North Dakota Highway Department, is being worn on the head of the operator and rider, except when participating in a lawful parade. If the operator of a motorcycle is required to wear protective headgear, any passenger must also wear protective headgear regardless of the age of the passenger.

2. This section shall not apply to persons riding within an enclosed cab or on a golf cart.

3. No person shall operate a motorcycle if a person under the age of eighteen (18) years is a passenger upon that motorcycle and is not wearing protective headgear as provided in subsection 1.

13-1008. STARTING PARKED VEHICLES. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code § 39-10-37 and all subsequent amendments shall be and are hereby incorporated by reference in this ordinance.

13-1009. BOARDING OR ALIGHTING FROM VEHICLES. No person shall board or alight from any vehicle while such vehicle is in motion.

13-1010. UNLAWFUL RIDING. No person shall ride on any vehicle or any portion thereof not designated or intended for the use of passengers. This provision shall not apply to an employee engaged in the necessary discharge of a duty or to persons riding within truck bodies in space intended for merchandise.

13-1011. CRUISING ABOUT STREETS FORBIDDEN. No common carrier of freight or passengers shall cruise about the streets to solicit business.

13-1012. TOWING SLEDS AND CARTS. No driver or operator shall tow or permit the towing by any vehicle on the streets of the City of Harwood of any sleigh, wagon, cart, toboggan, skis or any other device which creates a traffic hazard.

13-1013. OBSTRUCTION TO DRIVERS' VIEW OR DRIVING MECHANISM. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code § 39-10-54 and all subsequent amendments shall be and are hereby incorporated by reference in this ordinance.

13-1014. COASTING PROHIBITED. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code § 39-10-56 and all subsequent amendments shall be and are hereby incorporated by reference in this ordinance.

13-1015. CHILD RESTRAINT DEVICES - PENALTY - EVIDENCE. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code § 39-21-41.2 and all subsequent amendments shall be and are hereby incorporated by this reference.


1. The driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking from either direction any school bus stopped on the highway shall stop the vehicle before reaching such school bus when there is in operation on said school bus the, flashing red lights specified in Section 39-21-18, N.D. Cent. Code, and said driver shall not proceed until such school bus resumes motion or he is signaled by the school bus driver to proceed or the flashing red lights are no longer actuated.

2. Every school bus shall bear upon the front and rear thereof plainly visible signs containing the word "SCHOOL BUS" in letters not less than eight inches [20.32 centimeters] in height. When a school bus is being operated upon a highway for purposes other than the actual transportation of children either to or from school or for a school sanctioned activity, all markings thereon indicating "SCHOOL BUS" shall be covered or concealed.

3. The operator of a school bus equipped with amber caution lights may activate those lights at a distance of not less than three hundred feet [91.44 meters] nor more than five hundred feet [152.4 meters] from the point where school children are to be received or discharged from the bus.

4. Every school bus shall be equipped with red visual signals meeting the requirements of Section 39-21-18, N.D. Cent. Code, which may be actuated by the driver of said school bus whenever, but only whenever, such vehicle is stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging school children. A school bus driver shall not actuate said special visual signals:

a. On city streets on which the receiving or discharging of school children is prohibited by ordinance;

b. At intersections or other places where traffic is controlled by traffic-control signals of police officers; or

c. In designated school bus loading areas where the bus is entirely off the roadway.

5. The driver of a vehicle upon a highway with separate roadways need not stop upon meeting or passing a school bus which is on a different roadway or when upon a controlled-access highway and the school bus is stopped in a loading zone which is a part of or adjacent to such highway and where pedestrians are not permitted to cross the roadway. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code § 39-10-46 and all subsequent amendments shall be and are hereby incorporated by this reference.

13-1017. USE OF SAFETY BELTS REQUIRED IN CERTAIN MOTOR VEHICLES. The provisions of N.D. Cent. Code §§ 39-21-41.4 and 39-21-41.5 of the North Dakota Century Code, and all subsequent amendments thereto, shall be and hereby are incorporated by reference in this ordinance.