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13-1101. Speed Limitations.

13-1102. Speed Limitations Inapplicable to Whom: Liability of Exempt Driver for Reckless Driving.

13-1103. Increase or Decrease of Speed Limits.

13-1104. Impeding Traffic.

13-1105. Radar Evidence in Speed Violations.


13-1101. SPEED LIMITATIONS. Except in instances where a lower speed is specified in this Title or by the laws of this state, it shall be prima facie lawful for the driver of a vehicle to drive the same at a speed not exceeding:

1. Twenty-five miles per hour on all streets and avenues of this city unless otherwise posted.

2. Fifteen miles an hour when passing a school which is in session or while children are going to or leaving school during opening or closing hours.

3. Fifteen miles an hour in traversing or going around curves or traversing a grade upon a highway or street when the driver's view is obstructed within a distance of one hundred feet along such street in a direction in which he is proceeding; or at any intersection.

4. Fifteen miles per hour when passing any public playground, park, swimming pool, tennis court, or other similar recreational area during the hours when said facility is in use. In any case when the speed limitation provided for in the foregoing subsection shall be unsafe, it shall be unlawful to operate a motor vehicle at such speed. It shall be unlawful for any person to exceed any such foregoing speed limitations except as otherwise provided in this Title.

13-1102. SPEED LIMITATIONS INAPPLICABLE TO WHOM: LIABILITY OF EXEMPT DRIVER FOR RECKLESS DRIVING. The speed limitations provided for in this Title shall not apply to operators of vehicles designated in Section 13-0920 while in the performance of their duties. The exemption provided for in this section shall not protect the driver of any such vehicle from the consequences of reckless disregard of the safety of others.

 13-1103. INCREASE OR DECREASE OF SPEED LIMITS. The City Council, by resolution, may increase or decrease the speed limits as set by Section 13-1101 above, providing signs giving notice of such changes are properly placed and maintained.

13-1104. IMPEDING TRAFFIC. Except when necessary for safe operation or to comply with some other provisions of this Title, no person shall drive a motor vehicle at a rate of speed or in such a manner, so slow as to block or impede the normal and reasonable flow of traffic.

13-1105. RADAR EVIDENCE IN SPEED VIOLATIONS. The speed of any motor may be checked by the use of radio microwaves or other electrical device. The results of such checks shall be accepted as prima facie evidence of the speed of such motor vehicle in any court or legal proceedings where the speed of the motor vehicle is at issue. The driver of any such motor vehicle may be arrested without a warrant under this section, provided the arresting officer is in uniform or displays his badge of authority and provided that such officer has observed the record of the speed of such motor vehicle by the radio microwave or other electrical device, or has received a radio message from the officer who observed the speed of the motor vehicle recorded by the radio microwave or other electrical device.