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15-0101. Board of Health; Members; Powers; City Health Officer and Assistants.

15-0102. Duties of Health Officer, Assistants.

15-0103. City Health Officer, Assistants: Appointment.

15-0104. Regulations, Notice of.

15-0105. Power to Enter Building.


15-0101. BOARD OF HEALTH; MEMBERS; POWERS; CITY HEALTH OFFICER AND ASSISTANTS. The Board of Health shall be the City Council. The Board of Health shall have and exercise all powers under the law. The City Health Officer shall be the executive officer of such board. The City Council may appoint one or more assistant City Health Officers to aid the City Health Officer in the performance of his duty.

15-0102. DUTIES OF HEALTH OFFICER, ASSISTANTS. The City Health Officer and his assistants, if any, shall have the following powers and duties:

1. He shall see that the health ordinances of the City, the rules and regulations of the Board of Health and the regulations of the State Board of Health and the health laws of the State are fully complied with throughout his jurisdiction and he is charged with the strict enforcement of the same.

2. Make such recommendations to the Board of Health as to him shall appear necessary for the preservation of public health.

3. Exercise all other powers and duties granted or imposed under the laws of the State of North Dakota and the ordinances of the City of Harwood.

15-0103. CITY HEALTH OFFICER, ASSISTANTS: APPOINTMENT. The City Council shall appoint a City Health Officer for the City of Harwood in the manner and for the term provided for the appointment of other officers by the City Council. The City Council may appoint one or more Assistant City Health Officers for the City of Harwood, and if any such appointment is made, it shall be for the term provided for the appointment of other officers by the City Council.

15-0104. REGULATIONS: NOTICE OF. The Board of Health shall give notice, as provided by the laws of the State of North Dakota, of all general orders and regulations made by such Board, by publishing the same in the official newspaper within the jurisdiction of the Board, which publication shall be deemed a legal notice to all persons.

15-0105. POWER TO ENTER BUILDING. Whenever the Health Officer of the City of Harwood, or his assistant, or the City Council shall deem it necessary for the preservation of the health of the inhabitants within the City, to enter any building within the City of Harwood for the purpose of examining into and destroying, removing or preventing any nuisance, source of filth or cause of sickness, and shall be refused entrance, the City Health Officer or his assistant or any member of the City Council may make complaint under oath to the Municipal Judge of the City of Harwood, stating the facts in the case, so far as he has knowledge thereof. Such Municipal Judge shall promptly review such complaint and if such complaint is reasonably based in fact shall thereupon issue a writ of entry directed to the Chief of Police of the City of Harwood, sheriff or other peace officer, authorizing him to take sufficient aid and, accompanied by the City Health Officer or his assistant, or by at least one (1) member of the City Council of Harwood, between the hours of sunrise and sunset, enter said building to have such nuisances, sources of filth, or cause of sickness destroyed, removed or prevented under the direction of the City Health Officer or his assistant, or such member of the City Council as accompanied him.