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Branch Pickup

Branch pickup will be the first (1st) Monday of each month until snowfall (see community calendar for dates).  Outside of branch pickup day, residents may also take branches to the designated Branch Pile located at the City Shop, located on Maple Lane.

Please place branches at end of driveway in manageable lengths no longer than 8’ (bundling isn’t necessary). Branches in an area difficult for tractor access such as the bottom of ditches will not be picked up.  It is not necessary to tie & bundle piles. 

Grass Clippings

Yard waste (grass, leaves, garden trimmings, excess fruits and vegetables) can be hauled to the grass recycling site by the City Shop, located on Maple Lane.  Please remove waste from bags and place bags in the totes provided.  If dumpsters are full, do not leave bags on the ground. Roll-offs will be emptied on a regular basis.  This service is for city residents only paid for through residential waste rates.