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Many residents in the City of Harwood own and care for pets of all kinds and sizes.  Below is shortened version of the City of Harwood Ordinances that pet owners are expected to follow.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping not only your own pet safe, but others pets and other people. 

  • Dogs or Cats running at large (Harwood City Ordianances 11-0201, 11-0202, 11-206 & 11-207)
    • This is declared a nuisance, and is prohibited
    • Please keep your pets on a leash if they are outside
    • Pets found running at large will be impounded. Owners will be notified if the animal is impounded by the City of Harwood within 2 days of impounding, and the owner of any dog or cat so impounded may reclaim their pet upon payment of the license fee (if unpaid), costs of impoundment and maintenance, and all other costs as necessary. 
    • If pets are not claimed within 3 days of impounding, it may be destroyed.  
  • License and Registration is Required (HCO 11-0204 & 11-0205)
    • License and Registration can be completed at the Harwood City Hall Office during regular business hours
    • The fees for obtaining a three-year license for a dog or cat is $5.00 per pet for the first three dogs or first three cats.  If more pets join your family after your first three pets of each species, the fee is $100.00 per pet. 
    • Please put the city tag on your dog or cats collar
    • Failure to license a dog or cat shall carry a minimum penalty of $100.00, or ten (10) hours of community service. 
    • Licenses shall be in force as of January 1st of each year
  • Kennels and Shelters (HCO 11-0209)
    • Animal kennels and animal shelters will not be permitted in a residentially-zoned area within the City. Also, kennels and shelters must be at least 300 feet away from any residentially-zoned area or any existing actual residence. 
  • Dogs and Cats having Vicious Personalities (HCO 11-0210)
    • The owner of any dangerous, fierce or vicious dog or cat shall be guilty of an offense if their dog or cat has bitten a person. In addition, if the animal is found running at large and cannot be safely taken up and impounded, the animal may be slain by any policeman. 
  • Habitually Barking, Crying or Howling Dog or Cat declared Public Nuisance (HCO 11-0211 & 11-0212)
    • Please don't let your animals habitually bark/howl/cry.  If this continues, it's a public nuisance
    • There is a procedure to file a complaint for a habitual barking/crying/howling animal. Just ask the City Auditor
  • Please Pick Up After Your Pets (HCO 11-0213)
    • Every person owning a dog or cat needs to pick up after their animals if on property owned by the City of Harwood, the Harwood Park Board, or the Harwood School District. 
  • Rabies Control (HCO 11-0214)
    • If a dog or cat is believed to have rabies, or has been bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies, or bites a human being, such dog or cat shall be confined on the owner’s premises and only be allowed outside of an enclosure under the direct supervision of an adult, provided the owner can provide proof that the animal is currently vaccinated for rabies. If no proof of a current rabies vaccination is provided, the animal will be quarantined with a licensed veterinarian or the city pound at the expense of the owner, for a period of ten (10) days from the date of the bite or from the date the animal is suspected of having rabies. The owner shall notify the City of the fact that the dog or cat has been exposed to rabies or has bitten a human being and, if in the discretion of the City Council the dog or cat is not properly confined by the owner, the City Auditor is empowered to have such dog or cat removed from the owner’s premises to the local pound or local veterinarian, and there placed under observation for a period of ten (10) days at the expense of the owner.
    • Every owner, or other person, upon ascertaining a dog or cat is rabid, shall immediately notify the City, which shall either remove the dog or cat to the pound or summarily destroy it.
    • If the animal shows clinical signs of rabies during the period of isolation, it must be humanely destroyed immediately in a manner that preserves the brain intact, and the brain tissue shall be transferred to the proper authorities to be examined for rabies.
    • Any animal confined in the city pound under the provisions of this section shall not be released until all expenses of impoundment and related veterinary care are fully paid. Owners of any dog or cat that is to be placed in the pound or destroyed pursuant to the provisions of the above sections may request the City Auditor to review the impoundment or decision to destroy the animal.
    • The owner or other person in charge of any dog or cat, upon demand by any peace officer, must surrender the dog or cat which has bitten a human or domestic animal, or which is suspected as having been exposed to rabies, to city or state officials or to a licensed veterinarian as directed by the city or state officials. It is unlawful for an owner or other person in charge of an animal to fail or refuse to surrender the animal as required by this section. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, any dog or cat that has bitten a human or domestic animal, or that is suspected of having rabies, may be seized by any peace officer.


Pet Licenses

A license is required for all dogs and cats over the age of six months.  These licenses need to be renewed every three years.  A fee of $10.00 is charged for all non-spayed or neutered pets.  If your pets are neutered or spayed, the fee is $5 per pet.   A rabies vaccination certificate must also be provided prior to the issuance of the license.